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Sidetrade’s case study

Sidetrade wanted to raise all its teams’ awareness of cybersecurity and chose to deploy Keep an eye out.


“Sidetrade employees experimented with a serious game to raise awareness about cybersecurity, in order to develop the appropriate security habits and implement best practice. 96% passed the final examination. Incredible! Congratulations to all Sidetraders!” » — Bruce Garnier, Sidetrade Group CISO


Deployed in French and English


Deployed on 6 European sites


230 employees trained


96% success at the final assessment

Sidetrade wanted to raise all its teams’ awareness of cybersecurity and chose to deploy Keep an eye out. It’s an adventure game about digital security which raises employees’ awareness of the precautions to take every day in a digital working environment.

Since it was founded in 2000, innovation has been part of Sidetrade’s core DNA. Sidetrade is the European champion of customer engagement via artificial intelligence, and enables large companies to exploit (internal and public) customer data via Machines Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing to gain a competitive advantage on their market and create value more quickly, more simply and more effectively.

Bruce Garnier, Sidetrade Group CISO, wanted to set up a cybersecurity awareness tool for all employees. The aim was to be able to train them via a remote solution, as the group has multiple sites and is multilingual. The serious game was therefore deployed with 230 employees, in French and English, on 5 sites based in Europe.

The primary intention was to enable some to acquire the right habits and others to recall them if they had already learnt them. For this, Sidetrade needed a fun, general solution that was accessible to as many people as possible in order to gain interest and facilitate completion of the course.

To support deployment of the tool, a communications campaign was rolled out with teams. This campaign was relayed by the managers, who were ambassadors and stakeholders, to provide optimal support to the launch of the tool. The executive board and the managers’ common goal was for use of the tool to be completed a month after its launch.

The result?

  • 90% of users subscribed to the serious game within 15 days of its launch
  • Nearly 95% of employees had completed the serious game within one month


What was the outcome of this Cybersecurity training operation?

  • Satisfied employees, who showed a keen interest in the topic after the course and wanted to extend the experience with new modules.
  • A positive change in mentality was evident in terms of the necessary vigilance towards cybersecurity.

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