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Rapid learning

Our rapid learning modules provide a light, condensed treatment of subjects. Ideal for discovering or reactivating knowledge.

On a new subject, rapid learning enables rapid discovery. On a subject that’s already been covered, it’s an excellent tool for reactivating knowledge.

Each subject is dealt with in the form of interactive cards that the learner scrolls through in a two-sided logic, with visuals, videos, explanations and quizzes to challenge themselves.

Each card requires between 30 sec and 1 min of attention. It’s a format to be consumed without moderation, on computer, tablet or smartphone, thanks to dedicated ergonomics.

Each rapid-learner has a score to reach and a certificate of achievement.

It’s also a format that’s easy to customize, since it’s coupled with an online authoring tool that enables modified content to be exported directly.

our Rapid learning modules

Antitrust : the basics

Corruption prevention : the basics

Cybersecurity : a hacking story to keep you vigilant online

Digital sobriety : it all clicks !

GDPR Basics

Get organised for innovation

Managing remote work

Psychological harassment : understanding and acting

Running a virtual meeting

Sexual harassment and sexist behaviours (awareness-raising)

Sexual harassment and sexist behaviours (prevention)

The annual appraisal, peace of mind at last !

Working From Home: getting organised !

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