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Our themed webconferences are interactive, dynamic and impactful. They are designed to inform and raise awareness on a broad front.

Our webconferences are targeted programs hosted by one or more experts, depending on the theme.

They are moderated live by a member of our team, responsible for welcoming participants, interacting with them live, taking questions, distributing the floor and concluding the event.

A time for exchange with participants is systematically offered at the end of the session, and a replay is available for those unable to attend.

We propose to feed your webconference program.
The themes we propose are summarized below. The list may be enriched over time, as we work continuously to source new quality speakers: speakers, authors, coaches, trainers…who we find inspiring and inspiring.

Our themed webconferences are interactive, dynamic and impactful.

They help to inform and raise awareness on a broad front.

Webconferencing is a live format that we are increasingly offering our customers.

Conference features

  • Each webconference lasts 1h30 : 1 hour of live conference followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.
  • Everything is done remotely using a tool such as GoToWebinar Teams, or another tool of your choice.
  • The replay is available free of charge for 2 months (with GoToWebinar, for example, it’s available the very next day).

Tailored to your context 

  • A scoping meeting is held prior to the conference to clearly define your needs.
  • You review the material and adjust it according to your expectations.
  • Your internal tools and processes can be the subject of specific messages.

Benefits of the format

  • Unite your teams in a short space of time by summarizing an important theme for internal dissemination.
  • Involve and poll the audience present, thanks to interactive animation and appropriate tools,
  • Facilitate individual and collective reflection, whether among your employees or your managers,
  • Promote participants’ awareness by putting into words situations they have encountered, with practical advice,
  • Encourage everyone to develop their skills throughout their professional life.

our webinars

Change Management : the keys to a successful adaptation!

Collective intelligence at the service of collaborative companies

Compliance in action

Cybersecurity : the new deal

Delegation : a management tool

Disability : from diversity to inclusion

Hybrid working and new modes of collaboration

Managing hybrid work : the challenges ahead

Non-violent communication and conflict management

Psychosocial risks : Taking care of yourself and others at work

The annual performance review : the cornerstone of the managerial relationship

The art of feedback for meaningful work

Time management : the keys to personal efficiency

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