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A specialist in digital experiential learning ! Dæsign offers an extensive catalog of multimodal, immersive and gamified learning paths.

Do you have all the keys to your personal efficiency in your hands? Or are you still chasing after time? Focusing on the essentials, increasing productivity, and preserving your work-life balance… a skill that can be acquired and sets you free!

Competition law, Sapin 2 law… it’s not necessarily easy to grow your business without making mistakes! Risks that all companies contend with and that you can address by incorporating into your professional practice enlightened, responsible, and pro-business behaviors.

Gender equality, well-being, and workplace health… big words, but above all, concrete practices that everyone can integrate into their daily lives to develop responsible, inclusive, and compassionate behavior. Are you ready?

If you are in charge of a team, you are probably already succeeding in the double challenge of being both ‘in control’ and ‘in service of.’ But can you go further in how you coordinate, energize, guide, and provide meaning?

Documents, photos, email addresses… our professional and personal data are coveted! Protecting data in the physical or digital world is not only an essential skill but also in high demand at all levels.

Looking for additional solutions? We address your needs through a design that serves your educational objectives, tailored to your target audiences, and scaled to fit your technical and budgetary constraints.

Dæsign, a specialist in experiential digital learning, offers an extensive catalog of multimodal, immersive and gamified e-learning modules.



The 4 benefits of an immersive playful approach :

  • Contextualization : the abstract becomes concrete and we project ourselves into a realistic situation.
  • Inductive pedagogy : learners acquire knowledge by themselves and through experience.
  • Autonomy : freedom of action encourages learners to find their own solutions.
  • Transferability : learners can easily apply what they have learned to their own work situations.


open education

Today, thanks to technologies, we can give power to the learners : the power to create live content in increasingly open and participative virtual worlds. The power to chart their own learning path and build their skills in relation to others.

This open education approach is in line with today and tomorrow’s professional world. Digital transformation, changing management styles and growing ethical and compliance issues all call for skills that need to be constantly assessed, developed, activated or reactivated.

We take advantage of the best digital technology has to offer. Our ongoing R&D team, over the past 15 years, has enabled us to offer scalable courses combining collaborative games, mobile, augmented reality, classroom training and remote coaching.

We enable our clients to participate in the creation of our products through an open innovation approach, because we believe in the exchange of knowledge and collective intelligence.

We produce sustainable e-learning modules that evolve over time in terms of teaching methods, technologies and content.

We think of training in terms of skills activation and R.O.I., with an immediately perceptible and measurable practical dimension.

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