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Our editorial DNA

Open teaching

Today, thanks to technology, we are able to give power to learners: the power to create content live in virtual worlds that are increasingly open and participative. The power to track their own learning journey and build their skills alongside others. This open approach to teaching was built for today’s and tomorrow’s business world. The digital transformation, changes in management methods and the increasing challenges in terms of ethics and compliance require skills that must be constantly assessed, developed, activated or reactivated.


We take advantage of the best of digital technology. Our constant R&D over the last 15 years enables us to offer scalable courses that mix collaborative and mobile games with augmented reality, classroom training and distance coaching.

We enable our customers to contribute to the creation of our products in an open, innovative approach because we believe in the exchange of knowledge and collective intelligence.


We produce lasting digital training programmes that we develop over time with evolving teaching methods, technology and content.

We think of training in terms of activating skills and ROI, with a practical dimension that is immediately clear and measurable.

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