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Serious Games Store

With the Serious Games Store, we want to offer training organisations, companies, learners and the community knowledge in the broad sense of the term, the best of today’s and tomorrow’s digital interactive training techniques.

To help us keep our promise for innovation and quality, we have created and manage our own platform, including its infrastructure and features. Serious Games Store is an efficient and secure cloud-based service that combines the services of an LMS and a social network.

Serious Games Store offers you:

A high-quality selection that is constantly extended

Active participation in the development of our programmes, their themes and their features to satisfy your needs of today and your ambitions for tomorrow

Clear prices

Flexible subscription formulas that are suited to your organisation’s size and needs, that can be activated immediately and are easy to deploy

Personalised support

A professional community for sharing experience

Serious Games Store is a unique place to:

  • Discover and use the most innovative interactive training solutions
  • Develop and deploy effective and motivating blended learning methods and scenarios for trainers and for learners
  • Help build knowledge and skills focused on individuals, to create a personal and professional scope.
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