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Serious games, e-learning, innovation… We meet all your needs with a design that meets your teaching goals, that is adapted to your target audiences and scaled to your technical and budgetary constraints.

Training courses tailored to you

We offer our clients advice and make our skills in educational engineering available upstream. We also offer testable concept models as early as possible so that we can ensure our solutions will meet our clients’ goals. We work towards quality and lasting professional relationships, which requires a transparent and open level of service and collaboration.

Our commitments

  • We take responsibility for developing and staging content in collaboration with your business experts. We are constantly on the lookout for changes in best practice on an international scale, to improve your content.
  • We tailor the design to the learners. Early on in the process, we create a control group to guarantee training is satisfactory and effective, and ensure ROI for your company.
  • We work alongside your technical department when deploying the programmes, according to your security and performance requirements. If necessary, we can provide flexible hosting on our social learning platform.
  • An experienced project manager supports you throughout production with the aim of ensuring quality and sharing via our collaborative and online management tools.
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