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Antitrust Mission

An applied and interactive approach on competition law: discover our gamified case studies!

15 min per theme

Vigilance, Clear head, Resistance to stress, Business world, Free Competition, Ethics, Regulations, Compliance, Assertiveness

Antitrust Mission provides immersion in competition law through seven realistic roleplays inspired by the field.


All employees whose role is exposed to risks involving competition law

Learning goals

  • Know the main DOs & DON’Ts
  • Sharpen your vigilance during seemingly-innocent (informal discussions, etc.) or unsettling situations (police searches, etc.)
  • Respond to these situations with a clear head and composure
  • Find alternative solutions compliant with the regulations
  • Know when to reprimand yourself and when to involve an expert
  • Show assertiveness


  • Professional association meetings
  • Competitive bidding procedures
  • Sell-out prices
  • Competitor relations
  • Police searches
  • Dominant position
  • Parallel trade


  •  Developed with Learning Law Corp LLC*and the Michelin legal department
  • Course customisable based on company’s risk map
  • Continuous assessment system to confirm acquired skills
  • Educational approach based on a serious game


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian (subtitled)
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (subtitled)
  • Polish
  • Czech (subtitled)
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean (subtitled)
  • Japanese (subtitled)
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