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Assigning tasks and giving them meaning

Effectively delegate to give staff room to grow.

20 minutes

Independence, Listening, Support, Understanding, Trust, Delegating, Recognition, Communication, Setting SMART objectives, Decision-making

A simulated briefing where your choices have consequences, which will show you how to assign appropriate tasks to employees.

Target groups

Managers, line managers, team leaders, or project manager wishing to effectively support their teams

Learning objectives

  • Understand basic delegation techniques
  • Hold a briefing
  • Set a SMART objective
  • Look at the human side: motivation, feelings, managing fears, etc.


  • 1 dialogue simulation
  • 2 video clips
  • 2 memo cards
  • 1 evaluation quiz
  • 1 certificate of achievement


A playful device, which allows you to confront a realistic case with several possible outcomes

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