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Conducting a performance review

Practising holding the performance review with our most advanced simulator.

1 hour

Listening, Assertiveness, Holding an interview, Objectivity, Assessment, Setting goals, Feedback, Skills development

This serious game enables you to practise holding the performance review with our most advanced simulator. Throughout the interview, the learner indicates the attitudes they wish to adopt and influences the turn the discussion takes.


Managers of all levels looking to perfect their performance review methods. Essential before reviews or throughout the year.

Learning Objectives

  •  Prepare the interview and define the points to be discussed
  • Use listening attitudes and rephrasing
  • Distinguish the conditions for an objective and reliable appraisal
  • Separate facts from opinions, be aware of bias in the appraisal
  • Set a SMART objective and motivate for the future


  • 1 dialogue simulation
  • 2 video clips
  • 1 assessment quiz
  • 1 certificate of achievement


  • The only tool that allows you to train in real-life conditions
    real-life conditions, with highly detailed feedback


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
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