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Phishing : don’t click on that !

Secure your digital environment and avoid traps set by hackers !

20 minutes

Phising, Cybersecurity

Hackers are always coming up with more refined phishing techniques that are trickier to detect. Learn to spot suspicious emails and what you should do.

Target groups

All employees

Learning objectives

  • Spot the signs of a suspicious email
  • Check the information without falling into the trap
  • Know what to do if you receive a malicious email


  • Quizzes containing realistic sample emails
  • Memo sheet with the correct actions for dealing with a malicious email


  • This course has been developed with Dæsign, publisher of the digital best-selling course ‘Cyber & me’, created in partnership with experts on cybercrime and successfully employed by many learners.


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian (subtitled)
  • Spanish
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