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Remote Management

An original simulator for better working in a network with colleagues.

30 minutes

Decision-making, Reporting, Communication, Digital literacy, Listening, Adaptation, Mastering tools

A multi-parameter interface to build a management method suitable for remote working and to test it.


Managers or project managers at all levels overseeing multi-site teams

Learning objectives

  • Establish rules for effective remote working
  • Know when to communicate virtually or in reality
  • Create cohesion and develop a feeling of belonging
  • Develop independence without losing control
  • Anticipate and remedy situations of isolation and lack of motivation
  • Implement the right level of reporting


  • Designed with PwC, Natixis and Orange
  • 3 scenarios of increasing difficulty
  • Detailed debrief
  • Data-visualisation
  • Tools to download to implement what has been learnt


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Turkish
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