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Collective Intelligence : in a time of uncertainty, harness group strenght !

A fun, immersive experience combining agility and complex problem-solving.

1 hour

VUCA, Collective intelligence, Agility, Leadership, Assistance

The world is changing! It is not as predictable and now there is a need to be more agile and resilient. Find out how shifting your stance to collective intelligence can help you deal with the never-ending challenges.

Target groups

Local managers, cross-functional managers, occasional project managers, faced with uncertain, novel or unstable situations.

Learning objectives

  • Become aware of how fast the world changes
  • Develop your perspective and attitude
  • Set up a framework that encourages collaboration and agility
  • Harness collective intelligence every day


  • A game board that structures the educational path
  • A real-life example used as a common thread among realistic situations
  • Videos with an expert giving background to current changes in the working world


  • Practical scenarios developed with Dæsign and coming from over 15 years of experience in training and innovation in soft skills, management and leadership
  • Teaching videos with Michel Barabel, associate professor at Sciences Po Paris, lecturer and author of many reference works in the area of HR and management


  • French
  • English
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