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Overcoming resistance to change

A serious game to learn how to turn changes of direction into positive energy!

20 to 30 minutes

Resilience, Finding solutions, Building motivation, Listening, Assertiveness, Communication, Relationship

Training on how to better manage new situations and the emotions that flow from transformations and communicate using the right words.

Target groups

Managers, project managers and employees wanting to communicate better with colleagues and line management during change and uncertainty.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the different levels of resistance to change
  • Tailor what you say to the person and deal with the points of resistance
  • Understand and identify the main demotivation factors
  • Apply the right levers to motivate an employee


  • A method to identify the three levels of resistance to change
  • An immersive approach with interactive practical scenarios
  • Comparison of motivational factors


  • French
  • English
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