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Conflict Management

Practising how to resolve conflicts, remotely and without damage.

30 minutes

Listening, Assertiveness, Questioning, Neutrality, Meta-communication, Objectivity, Managing emotions, Resistance to stress

A specialist dialogue simulator on conflict management, to practise managing tension face-to-face without clashing with anyone.

Target GROUPs

Novice or experienced managers who want to communicate better with their employees

Learning objectives

  • Develop listening skills that overcome the effects of aggression
  • Remain assertive and constructive in any situation
  • Identify the causes of conflicts and the real challenges
  • Take back the initiative and re-orientate the debate
  • Separate negotiable and non-negotiable
  • Bring out viable options
  • Find the best way out


  • 1 dialogue simulation (3 chapters)
  • 5 video clips
  • 1 evaluation quiz
  • 10 memo cards
  • 1 certificate of achievement


  • A unique tool that allows you to practice on your own without damage when faced with a resisting interlocutor
  • Designed with Natixis, PwC and Orange


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Turkish
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