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Together in diversity

Inclusion isn't automatic, it has to be learned. And to shake up stereotypes, there's nothing like interactive role-playing!

50 minutes

Religious belief, Homosexuality, Women, Origins, Trade union membership, Disability, Age, Inclusion, Neutrality, Discernment, Taking a step back, Secularism, Equality, Empathy, Objectivity

Together in diversity :  changing stance to get a better feel. The serious game puts the learner in the situation of an observer, a discriminated individual, a discriminator, etc.


All employees (common course), all managers (specific course)


  • Know what is discriminatory in the eyes of the law
  • Become aware of bias and stereotypes
  • Identify concrete situations of discrimination corresponding to a broad set of criteria (religious belief, homosexuality, origin, disability, etc.)
  • Discover good behavioural practices
  • Become more sensitive and develop suitable behaviour


  • Designed with SNCF, RATP, and the ALTIDEM consultancy, expert in diversity
  • Includes a channel of short teaching videos
  • 2016 winner of the Trophées de la Diversité with SNCF


  • French
  • English
  • Spanish (subtitled)
  • Turkish (subtitled)
  • Portuguese
  • Polish (subtitled)
  • Slovak (subtitled)
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